Circle Prive

Demonstration of secure communication and file sharing between users that create Circles

Circle is reimagining cybersecurity. Using a unique next-gen architecture Circle secures identity, data and privacy for third-party applications using one unified API.  

Secure File Sharing with Circles

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Out-of-band P2P Authentication
AES 256 Encrypted Circles of Users/Devices
Secure Digital Capsules

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The demo illustrates the following areas of functionality.


The secure E2EE exchange of files and data between users and devices with zero attack surface in the cloud.


The creation of Circles, an cryptographically private network of devices defined by the possession of a unique AES 256 key, using our direct out-of-band P2P authentication process.
Distributed Multi-factor Cryptographic Authentication
Just send an invitation ID + authorization code to anyone you want to communicate and share files with securely, and Circle does the rest in seconds! Our out-of-band peer-to-peer invitation creates symmetric AES 256 keys on each device via asymmetric public key cryptography. There is no central certificate authority or user and credentials database which can be attacked.
Private Cryptographic Network (Circle)
Circle enables the creation of private groups consisting of users or devices which are uniquely authenticated using Circle’s patented out-of-band P2P invitation process. These groups possess the AES 256 key to decrypt the communications and data exchanged among them. Even user data – and metadata – is encrypted. This means NOBODY – not even Circle, the company – has access or visibility into the data exchanged among these groups.
Secure Digital Capsules
Circle creates and stores data inside of an AES 256 encrypted secure digital capsule on the end user’s device. The capsule is backed up as an inert data blob on the cloud, assuring recovery and protection against all manner of device mishaps and malicious attacks (e.g. ransomware).

One fantastic use case for this is to give users privacy and control of their data. But Web Application Developers can also think of and use this as secure client side storage for anything – files, structured and unstructured data, objects, etc. The data you are storing for your user – always totally private and secure – will persist across all browsers and can also be synched to all devices of the end user.

Products This Demo Uses

Circle Access Desktop is leveraged for Secure Capsules to enable the secure storage, access and use of Auth0 tokens by the Web application.

Circle Prive enables users to create AES 256 encrypted Circles of devices / users in which all communications, file sharing and other data transport is totally secure and private.  Circle's are created through a direct, person-to-person out-of-band method of authentication.   No user data or metadata is accessible outside of the users/devices that have been invited and authenticated by the Circle Owner.