Protect your remote workplace

Circle secures your remote workforce even on BYODs and open networks without the need for firewalls, VPN or other complex and costly network configurations
Circle Access
Know that only authorized users - and devices - are accessing your resources
Replace passwords, the most common vector for data breaches and ransomware attacks, with cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices. Upgrade to continuous authentication with biometrics.
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Circle of Trust
Escalate to Circle-of-Trust Identity Verification
When needed, escalate to human-in-the-loop identity verification that is cryptographically fused to device authorization.
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Eliminate passwords with cryptographic, device-bound authentication

Eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords and the inconvenience and weak factors of traditional MFA.

Prevent unauthorized devices from accessing your cloud assets.

Circle facilitates access with authenticated cryptographic signatures tied to authorized devices and registered users that are authenticated with biometric verification.

Easily integrate with your IAM to ensure every user making commits to the code base or using company assets have an authorized corporate identity.

Continuous authentication with biometrics

Not just at login but throughout the session, trigger continuous biometric authentication when user, use case or device risk posture warrants, with built-in biometric user verification to ensure security throughout the session. The user can be set to log out automatically, once the biometric signals are no longer properly received.


Escalate to Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification

With the constant evolution of sophisticated threats, how can you truly be SURE the user on the device is the actual human user that has been authenticated?

Now you can, with Circle-of-Trust. Our breakthrough method of human-in-the-loop identity verification is cryptographically fused to device authorization.

Deliver better security and user experience than MFA

Passwordless authentication is not enough. Circle cryptographically binds the user's identity to their device, radically improving both security AND user experience while reducing IT help desk tickets and overheads.
Key Capabilities
Hardware Tokens
Traditional MFA
Circle Access
Complies with MFA Requirements
Eliminates Credentials-Based Attacks
Removes Friction for user
Uses Only Trusted Factors
Supports Continuous Authentication
Restricts Access to Authorized Users that are bound to Authorized Devices
Single User Auth Across Browser, Devices and Contexts
Escalation to Unspoofable Human-in-the-loop Identity Verification
E2EE Zero Trust Data Protection on Demand

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