Introduce verifiable trust into user actions & transactions

Making decisions and taking actions rapidly is the cornerstone for achieving business agility and a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital economy. But when your workforce is distributed and, on the go, how can organizations be sure that only the right people and those authorized are initiating and approving transactions and actions? Now you can, with Circle.
Cryptographically sign and verify the idenity of the user
Enforce authentication of each action/transaction step with cryptographic signature by keys bound to the device AND the user with biometric verification.
Easily build multi-party authorization workflows
Enable multi-party approvals of any activity workflow with cryptographic enforcement of actions and without compromising on business agility.
Escalate to Circle-of-Trust Identity Verification
When you need to be sure, escalate to human-in-the-loop identity verification that is cryptographically fused to whatever action is being authorized.
Prove compliance with immutable audit trail
Automatically record every action via Circle's built-in immutable ledger to ensure the integrity of authorization processes. Supports easy export of data for reporting, audits and compliance.

Enforce authentication for every event in a transaction 

With Circle, you can eliminate the vulnerabilities of high value digital actions to spoofing, man-in-the-middle and social engineering attacks. 

Automatically enforce cryptographic signatures at event level and deliver an unparalleled level of digital trust in your transactions.
Password based log-ins are a bane

Prevent identity hijacking during a session

Use built-in biometric verification to ensure the identity of the authorized user at an event, or continously  throughout a session. The user can be set to log out automatically, once the biometric signals are no longer properly received.

With Circle Secure Capsules, biometric verification can also be made independent of devices, and persistent across multiple devices and contexts.

Flexible and bullet proof multi-party authorizations

Circle's flexible and powerful Authorization API enables you to easily build authorization flows requiring multiple parties and steps as desired. Apply weighting, vetoes and other rules. Enforce the resulting permission or action cryptographically.

Verify identity behind transactions with absolute certainty when needed

With the constant evolution of sophisticated threats, how can you truly be SURE the user on the device is the actual human user that has been authenticated?

Now you can, with Circle-of-Trust™. For high fidelity transactions and as governed by your policies, escalate to Circle's revolutionary "Human-in-the-loop" identity verification to ensure there is no absolute identity compromise. 

Ensure process integrity and compliance with immutable audit trail

Circle's built-in immutable distributed ledger records every action and supports detection and prevention of any manipulation by any device or party without the knowledge and approval of others.

Supports easy export of data for reporting, audits and other compliance requirements.

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No Compromise

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