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Threat Prevention

No Cloud Attack Surface.




Credential Stuffing

Social Engineering

Compromised Credentials

Business Email Compromise

3rd Party Software Vulnerability

Password Reuse

Credential Replay

SIM Swapping

Identity Impersonation

Account Takeover

Endpoint Data Loss

Transform your Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy and posture from
"Detect and Respond" to "Prevent & Eliminate"

Existing solutions fail to prevent data breaches and supply chain attacks

Traditional MFA
Passwordless authentication isn't as secure as you think 
Traditional MFA does not protect you from account hijacking and phishing
Identity Vulnerability
Compromised access is the gateway to 90% of data breaches 
Credential compromise is the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches
The Cloud is Compromised
The Cloud is compromised 
Protecting data and user privacy in a cloud-native environment is an increasing challenge
MFA Pain
Problematic user experience 
Higher levels of security negatively impact the overall user experience

Circle is a transformative data security platform
built on next-gen decentralized architecture

Our threat prevention approach

Threat prevention by securing access

  • Decentralized and Credential-free Authentication for users across systems
  • Zero Trust principles with continuous authentication and verification enabling digital trust
  • Strict governance policies but customizable to business needs and implementation
Secure Access

Threat prevention by securing data

  • Encrypt data at rest and in motion without compromising scalability and security
  • Restrict data visibility to trusted devices and secured end points
  • Adhere to compliance standards of HIPPA, CCPA, GDPR
Secure Data

Flexible implementation options as per customer needs

Deploy as stand-alone capabilities or as a comprehensive solution to deliver uncompromising access and data security
  • Available for developer and enterprise level deployments
  • Integration and onboarding on multiple systems frictionless and effortless
  • API-based platform for super-fast implementation 
  • Authenticator app for access protection - more secure than SMS-based authentication
  • Multiple levels of security policy implementation 
Circle Products

Dual integration options

Two easy ways to rapidly integrate Circle API with low code / no code for both web and device native applications

Rest API

Easy & rapid REST implementation
Download of thin Circle footprint
Effortless maintenance


Lightweight libraries
Inline & embedded implementation
Fully integrated with your application workflows
Start securing now



So You Think Passwordless Log-ins Solved Your Problems? Think again.

Gene Allen
VP, Engineering

January 2023
If We Really Want to Fix Digital Security: Humanize It

Gene Allen
VP, Engineering

December 2022

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No Compromise

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