Who we are

Circle Systems is a Silicon Valley based seed-stage company and is currently in stealth. Circle is founded and run by successful entrepreneurs and proven software executives and is backed by well-known investors with multiple exits. Circle is currently providing beta access to its API to select developers and organizations.

What is the Circle API?

Circle is a unique and breakthrough API that powers third-party applications, APIs and IoT devices to securely collaborate and share data across networks, systems, and BYODs without compromising identity, privacy, or UX.

Powered by a patented game-changing technology with a uniquely architected tech stack comprising blockchain-like Distributed Ledger Technology, hybrid P2P architecture, cryptographically fused password-free authentication, and integrated ML Circle binds both the identity-centric and data-centric security into a unified API architecture that is industry-first.

With one published patent and seven others in pursuit, Circle is ushering in the next generation API for secure collaboration and information exchange. 

Circle API Privacy Statement

Our promise is simple and unequivocal.  Circle is dedicated to delivering security, privacy and trust for the connected world with No Compromise on convenience and ease of use.

When powered by Circle your applications leave ZERO attack surface in the cloud thus eliminating any possible breach on the cloud and leaving you with complete “peace of mind.” With Circle, no one other than your user / customer – including Circle, the company – will ever have access to or control of their data, including meta-data across the cloud, on-premise or at edge!

Circle Website

Like any Website, Circle’s Website collects and stores information on site visitors for various purposes – business, functional, user convenience, etc.   This applies only to users visiting our Website that are potential customers, business partners, media contacts or otherwise, of course.   

Please see our Web Site Privacy Policy for more details.