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Digital Trust for User Journeys

With our Digital Trust for User Journeys, you can ensure Zero Trust implementation for users by tracking and validating all their actions and transactions. 

It uses cryptographic authentication, multi-party authorization and immutable Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Know and verify the user behind every action.
    • Automatically enforce cryptographic signatures for every user action and deliver unparalleled digital trust in user actions, transactions, and interactions.
    • Enable continuous positive identity verification via device-based biometrics throughout the user session to deliver immutable proof of identity and possession of the device.
  • Authorize safely, securely & efficiently, but with bullet-proof oversight and controls.
    • Using Circle access Authorization API, we can easily build multi-party approval workflows to ensure business agility without compromising governance protocols.
  • Guarantee data integrity for auditing, investigations, and compliance
    • You can leverage Circle's built-in immutable distributed ledger to ensure data integrity and build functions to securely export it from Circles when needed for auditing, investigations, and compliance.

Ensure Digital Trust for User Journeys with simple API configurations

Get started

The implementation of Digital Trust User Journeys will require 

  • Circle Access API 
  • Circle Access Mobile App

Our Digital Trust solution can be implemented independently or alongside our CFA solution. In standalone mode, its API endpoints can be used to configure workflows and integrate with other traditional MFA services.

Below is an implementation of one of the most popular use cases and many more. If you have any questions or support needs, please contact us.

Build workflows to authorize digital actions and transactions securely.

Using Circle Access authorization API, we can easily build multi-party approval workflows to ensure business agility without compromising on governance protocols. Here are 6 easy steps of integration with an interactive demo


Set up Circle Access API - Getting Started with Circle Access API


Install Circle Access mobile


Create a contract for authorization


Send the contract to a set of recipients who will be authorizing the user


Accept the contract and track the approval processes


Get approvals from your team members and complete the authorization process

For more information and other use case implementations 

Digital Trust

Interactive demo for multi-party authorization 

An interactive demo with detailed steps for building a multi-party authorization workflow. This enables users to authorize a particular action with multiple parties. 

The demo shows how to create a workflow for approving payments.

Circle Access Mobile
Circle Access Mobile App
You need the Circle Access Mobile App in order to fully leverage the cryptographic capabilities of Circle Access for Digital Trust use cases.
Circle Access API
Circle Access API
You use the Circle Access API to integrate and implement Digital Trust capabilities. You can deploy Circle Access with your Web site or application in minutes! Digital Trust capabilities are built-in.
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View the code on Github
Go to our Github for code downloads, examples, modules, and more.
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Support & Learning

The baseline capabilities for Digital Trust for User Journeys are implemented with Circle Access API. These resources will help to get you started.


Check our FAQs and Troubleshooting tips, or post on our Forum


Check out this page with tips and interactive code examples to accelerate your learning.