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Enterprise Data Control

Put your enterprise in charge of its data while respecting your employees' privacy.

With Circle, organizations can have complete visibility and control of their data with no restrictions on the type of data - documents, files, media, or any other digital assets, size, or storage location - smartphones and laptops, even with BYODs. 
All this without the need for MDM or VPN restrictions for access.

Control data visibility rights using Private Secure Capsule in an enterprise

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Unrivaled visibility & control of enterprise data, even with BYODs

Circle API enables enterprises to create and manage private client-side data using Secure Capsules with AES 256 powered encryption technology bound to the device.

One of the significant advantages of this is that enterprises will have complete visibility and control of their data even with BYODs.

Offboard employees & vendors securely and rapidly

When a user relationship with the enterprise ends, you can instantly remote wipe the keys and cut off access to all enterprise data on the endpoint device and enterprise applications.

Make enterprise data unreadable on unauthorized devices

With keys bound to the device, sensitive enterprise data can be rendered useless when stolen or moved to unauthorized devices.

Provide compliance with immutable audit trail

Circle's built-in immutable distributed ledger records every action to ensure you have an audit trail of any end-user authorized to data use and release.

Supports easy data export for reporting, audits, and other compliance requirements.

Circle Data UX
invisible and integrated

  • Install thin agent 1X
  • Add and configure plug-in / other integration
  • Just use your apps with built-in Circle Data protection 
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Demo: View Circle's Data Visibility and Control solution in action