Keep your crypto assets safe & never ever lose your private keys

Know that your digital wallets and accounts are private and protected. Approve and authorize transactions with cryptographic enforcement of every user action.
Keep your crypto assets secure and private
Keep your digital assets in encrypted secure capsules protected from bad actors or device compromise.
Never lose your keys to your crypto assets ever
Restore at any time with access verification and recovery by Circle's human-in-the-loop key recovery.
Only permit transactions that are cryptographically signed and verified
Allow only cryptographically signed transactions to pass through. Implement multi-party approvals easily into transactions via cryptographic sign-offs without compromising user experience.
Ensure access to crypto assets is controlled only by the authorized users
Control access with cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices. Enable biometrics-powered continuous authentication when needed for real-time security monitoring.
Easy deployment

Keep your crypto assets totally private and secure

Secure and control your crypto assets on endpoint devices via fully encrypted secure capsules.

Secure the privacy of your crypto transactions by shielding user data and metadata from outside parties and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Eliminate any attack surface in the Cloud for your crypto assets - keys are created and stored on endpoint devices.

Establish an unparalleled level of digital trust in your crypto transactions.

Automatically enable cryptographic signatures to confirm transactions are originated by authorized owners and are not tampered with.

Optionally, activate Circle's revolutionary zero trust human-in-the-loop identity verification before performing high-fidelity transactions. 

Maintain absolute fail-safe recovery options for your private keys

Ironclad security usually has a dark side: If the credentials, passphrase, and hardware tokens are lost, access to critical and valuable digital assets and data can be lost forever. 

Circle-of-Trust™ enables users to set up private networks of trusted persons they know who can authorize and restore access to encryption keys but never use them directly.

With Circle, user identity and access to digital assets are entirely secure but always recoverable. 

Authenticate access to crypto assets without the potential of any phishing or social engineering

Circle facilitates access with authenticated cryptographic signatures tied to authorized devices and registered users.

Eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords and the inconvenience and weak factors of traditional MFA. 

Prevent unauthorized devices from accessing your crypto assets.

Enforce continous authentication during crypto transactions for added identity assurance

Use continous authentication with built-in biometric user verification to ensure security throughout the session. The user can be  set to log out automatically, once the biometric signals are no longer properly received. Ensure the integrity of the identity is protected throughout the journey of the customer when accessing crypto accounts. 

Maintain compliance with immutable audit trail and data integrity

Circle's built-in immutable distributed ledger records every action and supports easy validation of all crypto transactions tying them to device, user, location, and time parameters.

Easily export data for reporting, audits and other compliance requirements.

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No Compromise

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