Circle Data

Circle extends Zero-Trust security to data 

With Circle, the same encryption keys used to authenticate identities can be used to secure data. Circle encrypts data at rest and in transit, enabling collaboration with encrypted data and providing visibility to only authorized users.


  • Control of data access rests entirely - and only - with the data owner
  • Zero visibility to data - or user metadata - for any outside parties
  • Zero keys and zero attack surface in the cloud
  • All with frictionless UX, easy implementation, and support

Extend Zero Trust to your most critical and important data with flexible controls and ease of use through integrations with popular applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Office365.

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Implement E2EE data protection, access & control - separately or together - with no compromise

End-to-End Data Protection

End-to-end Data Protection

Circle's decentralized frictionless end-to-end encryption(E2EE) of data radically improves your data security posture with flexible controls and ease of use through integrations with popular applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

  • E2EE that Scales
  • Patented out-of-band key exchange
  • Cloud efficiency without the security headaches
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Enterprise Data Control

Enterprise Data Visibility & Control

Prevent data loss and compromise via unprecedented visibility & control of enterprise data on endpoint devices, even with BYODs.

  • Restricted visibility for enterprise data, making it unreadable on unauthorized devices
  • Customizable visibility & control of enterprise data, even with BYODs
  • Offboard employees & vendors securely and rapidly
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Privacy Assurance

Data Privacy and Compliance

Restrict the access and visibility of the user's PII data to only the user and no one else

  • Give the end-user control of their data
  • Safely communicate, share, and collaborate on sensitive information
  • Have your identity verified without actually sharing private data
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Deploy an invisible, frictionless UX for E2EE that users will love 

Everyone knows that encryption is critical to data protection and loss prevention. But it's usually far too complicated and painful for users. Circle's paradigm-shifting architecture makes it built-in, invisible, and available on demand according to your policy engines' use case, user context, or data permission set.
Great Data Security UX

Get E2EE data protection without IT headaches.

Easy to Deploy & Maintain
Easy to deploy
  • Deploys in minutes.
  • Users self-provision, enroll devices and invite users into private E2EE Circles with ZERO support needed by the application developer or IT.
  • Encryption key management, cloud backup (with no keys) and restore all handled
Easy to use
  • No more E2EE pain and friction!
  • Get the security of E2EE with no overhead or impact on UX.
  • Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.
  • QR codes and other instant scan options for a person-to-person invitation and identity verification
Easy to support
  • No VPN, Firewalls, or SDP is needed.
  • Only authorized devices, with end users' identities verified by the data owner, can decrypt the data in a protected Circle.
  • Eliminate help desk tickets and support for E2EE.

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