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End-to-End Data Protection

With our End-to-End Data Protection, encryption keys used to authenticate identities and their actions, can be used to secure data and communications across endpoint devices and on Cloud.

Leverage AES 256 encrypted Secure Capsules to power game-changing client-side data security and control
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End-to-end data protection has a unique hybrid P2P + Cloud architecture that powers its capabilities for data security, privacy, and control.

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The implementation of End-to-End Data Protection will require

  1. Circle Desktop to enable Circle Service
  2. Circle Data API
  3. Circle Github

6 easy steps to enable Circle's End-to-End Data Protection: 


Setup Circle Rest API


Initiate one time authentication with Circle Server to start Circle Service on your local machine


Setup your application and confirm by verifying communication


Get a Bearer Token for managing API sessions


Generate signatures for devices/ users


Add Secure Capsules and manage them with Circle Rest API and Topic operations

For detailed step by step integration and implementation of End-to-End Data Protection capabilities of Circle Data refer to

Circle Data Demo CTA

Demo: A secure way to encrypt an email

Most encrypted email systems claim to be secure since they leverage an external key store to hold the keys to encrypt and decrypt the email. The problem is when the message needs to be displayed, the ‘server’ needs to ask the external key store for the decryption key, which means that while the server doesn’t store the key locally, it can still get it.
Visit our demo page for a video recording of integration with Microsoft Outlook, along with code samples and explanations of how to implement it.
Get Circle Access Desktop
Circle Access Desktop

You need Circle Service, part of the Circle Access Desktop thin client, to enable the following functionalities on the endpoint device.

  • AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to store any kind of data without any limit on the size
  • Keep private user data on endpoint devices but accessible to your applications.
  • Cloud backup, flexibility & resilience - but no keys.
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Circle Data API
Circle Data API
Use Circle Data API to integrate and implement Data Protection, Privacy, and control capabilities.
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Circle Github
View the code on Github
Go to our Github for code downloads, examples, modules, and more. 

Note: Circle Service is also available as a separate library for direct integration into your applications or thin clients.  If that is of interest, please get in touch with us for a free consultation.
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Support & Learning

The End-to-End Data Protection capabilities of Circle Data are implemented with Circle Data API. More advanced customer capabilities can leverage the Circle Data API with Circle Service and Secured Capsules on endpoint devices. Please contact us with your use case for a free consultation.


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