Circle Access

Know the device, verify the user, and authenticate continuously with no compromise on UX


  • ELIMINATE credentials-based attacks
  • Continuously authenticate user journeys to ensure Digital Trust
  • Escalate to spoof-proof identity verification & recovery services when needed

Circle Access enforces Zero Trust Access to your data and resources with a frictionless implementation that radically improves UX and security.

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Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication 

Cryptographic Frictionless MFA

Passwordless authentication and traditional MFA are not enough. Eliminate credential-based attacks with Circle's Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication.

  • No code and low code
  • Over 15 languages supported
  • Effortless to maintain
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Digital Trust for User Journeys

Digital Trust

Implement Zero Trust with continuous verification of all/specific user actions & transactions. Prevent user-based frauds with Circle's Digital Trust for User Journeys. 

  • Know and verify the user behind every action
  • Authorize safely, securely & efficiently
  • Enable bullet-proof oversight and controls with audit and compliance features. 
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Access Verification & Recovery

Access Verification

Spoof-proof your access with an additional layer of verification and enable faster recovery.  Circle's Access Verification and Recovery (Circle-of-Trust) provides zero trust with context-aware human-in-the-loop for access verification. 

  • Implement step-up authentication 
  • Spoof-proof human-in-the-loop functionality
  • Robust and fast recovery and backup process
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Implementation options for cryptographic credential-free 
authentication with Circle Access 

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Circle Access Lite
No device installation required
Browser based configuration 
  • QR code scan - no codes or other 2FA
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
Circle Access Mobile
Circle Access Mobile
Mobile application
A secure mobile authentication app like no other
  • No install required on other devices
  • QR code scan for other devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Direct log-in on mobile
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Circle Access Desktop
Circle Access Desktop
Desktop thin agent
Desktop applications that can enable frictionless CFA implementation
  • Install 1x & forget
  • Your device is your auto log-in
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Works together with Circle Access Mobile
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Works with your SSO & IAM platforms

Leverage our out-of-the-box integrations with leading SSO & IAM platforms - with more coming soon - to extend Zero Trust protection to your data.

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