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See Circle in action for yourself; our interactive demos and videos with code explanations will help you understand what it can do and how to implement it.

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What you will need

Circle Access Lite

You do not need any application or installation whatsoever to try out Circle Access Lite. It uses HTML5 to store and manage cryptographic keys on your mobile phone for authentication.

Circle Access Mobile

You need the Circle Access Mobile App in order to leverage the on-device cryptographic capabilities of Circle Access Mobile and Digital Trust use cases.

Note: Circle Access Mobile also includes Circle Service, so you gain all of the Data Protection, Privacy, and Control capabilities of Circle Data at the same time.

Circle Access Desktop

You need Circle Access Desktop:

  1. For credential-free authentication
  2. For any Circle Data 

This installs Circle Service to leverage its unique and powerful functionalities that run on the endpoint device.

  • AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to store any kind and any amount of data.
  • Keep private user data on endpoint devices but accessible to your applications.
  • Cloud backup, flexibility & resilience - but no keys
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Circle Access Demos

Circle Access

Know the device, verify the user and authenticate continuously with no compromise on UX

Circle Access cryptographically binds authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized to eliminate phishing and other breaches caused by stolen or lost credentials, as well as power any use case requiring Digital Trust.
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Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication

Circle Access Demo

In this demo, you can experience each frictionless UX one at a time. Or just try what you prefer.

  1. Circle Access Lite
  2. Circle Access Mobile
  3. Circle Access Desktop

Digital Trust for Workflow Authorization

Circle Access Demo

In this simple demo, you can create a flow for approving payments from 3 people with separate weights for each.

The Circle Access Authorization APIs allow developers to create any authorization/approval workflow for a distributed workforce, with biometric verification of users and the option of cryptographic enforcement of actions granted.

Circle CFA with Auth0 with escalation to Circle-of-Trust

Circle Access Demo

This demo shows:

  1. Integration with Auth0 to enable Credential-free Authentication with Federated Identity Providers (e.g., Google, LinkedIn); and
  2. Optional escalation to Circle-of-Trust human-in-the-loop distributed identity verification + authentication to assure access security.

                  Password Manager

Circle Access Demo

Circle Access Password Manager manages your passwords not on cloud but in a decentralized architecture by orchestrating the solution on device endpoints. The key differentiators of Circle Access Password Manager are

  • It has zero cloud attack surface - passwords are stored on endpoints 
  • Enables secure password sharing 
  • Continuous tracking on where the password has been used 
  • Easy to set up deploy and use 
  • No concept of master password thus no single point of failure

This demo illustrates key features of Circle Access Password Manager

Circle Data Demos

Circle Data

Circle Extends Zero Trust security to data itself

With Circle Data, the same encryption keys used to authenticate identities and their actions can secure data end-to-end: on the endpoint devices, in transit and communications, and Cloud. Circle encrypts data at rest and during collaboration with the keys to encrypt and unlock the data only available on authorized endpoint devices.
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Secure way of implementing encrypted email

Circle Data Demo

Most encrypted emails system claim to be secure since they leverage an external key store to hold the keys that were used to encrypt and decrypt the email. The problem is, when the message needs to be displayed, the ‘server’ needs to ask the external key store for the decryption key; which means that while the server doesn’t store the key locally, it can still get it.

Go to our demo page for a video recording of integration with Microsoft Outlook along with code samples and explanations of how to implement it.

Enterprise Data Protection and Control

Circle Data Demo

The demo illustrates two capabilities of Circle:

  1. The creation of an AES 256 encrypted secure capsule that can contain any type and amount of data, but which is controlled by the data owner.
  2. A Secure Viewer controls access and viewing of files, preventing the recipient from downloading the underlying data.

This is a video recording of integration with Microsoft Sharepoint. Click on the icon to play.

P2P File Sharing

Circle Data Demo

The demo illustrates the following areas of functionality.

  1. The secure E2EE exchange of files and data between users and devices with zero attack surface in the cloud.
  2. The creation of Circles, a cryptographic private network of devices defined by the possession of a unique AES 256 key, using our direct out-of-band P2P authentication process.

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