Circle Access

Circle for Startups 

"Detect & Respond" Strategies are NOT ENOUGH!

Transform your Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy for threats from "Detect & Respond" to "Prevent & Eliminate"

Startups' Cybersecurity Challenges

50%+ cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses & startups
80% of cyberattacks have credential compromise as the causal vectors
Lack of dedicated security and compliance teams to deal with sophisticated cyberattacks
60% of startups close down 6 months after an attack due to loss of brand value and customer trust

Circle Access Delivers 

  • Cryptographic Credential-free MFA

  • Digital Trust Across User Journeys
  • Access verification and recovery

Circle Access

Circle Access
Frictionless Zero Trust Access Security

Program Details

  • Free licenses to Circle Access API until $1M in ARR or until $1M in cumulative investment raised
  • Co-build and co-invent different use cases using Circle Access API to maximize your market opportunity
  • Best-in-class Customer Success Support
  • On-demand sales & technical training
  • Competitive pricing after you achieve $1M in ARR or you raise $1M in cumulative investment

* For qualified participating Founder Institute Accelerator startups

Why Circle?

Circle Solution
Prevention-first Security 
  • Decentralized architecture | Zero cloud attack surface
  • Beyond just Passwordless, a Credential-free MFA with step-up authentication
  • Inbuilt Data Privacy & Compliance
  • Extend Zero Trust to Enterprise Data Loss Prevention
Fastest Deployment 
  • 90% of our deployments are done within an hour
  • Less than 5% ‘edge cases’ > 1 day for implementation
  • 30-day free trial plan
Enhanced User Experience 
  • Frictionless UX with invisible Authentication
  • Mitigate password reset tickets
  • All customizations can be implemented through a simple API call

Out-of-the-box Integrations 

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