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Access Verification and Recovery

API Circle Access Verification & Recovery

Our Access Verification and Recovery solution delivers a level of security that was previously achievable only in physical world

Escalate when needed for high-risk use cases, with contexts and user behaviors to implement spoof-proof human-in-the-loop identity authentication and verification.

With Circle-of-Trust, you can provide your customers and end users with the following capabilities.

  • Spoof-proof actions, events, and data require the highest level of security
  • Ensure that Superpowers are always supersafe
  • Enable Trusted Restore & Recovery

This capability can be triggered and executed independently or with our CFA solution. Circle-of-Trust has flexible as well as configurable levels of security.

Circle-of-Trust features:

  1. All operations are performed within a private AES 256 encrypted network, with no external certificate authority or exposure making it impervious to external attack or manipulation.
  2. This solution can be used to protect application and device functions, not just data.
  3. Any level of authentication can be defined as:
    • N number of trusted peers
    • Sequenced steps/workflows
    • Visual confirmation
    • Proximity-based confirmation

Enable Circle-of-Trust solution in combination with Auth0 out-of-the-box 

Two Levels of Deployment

Choose from flexible and configurable implementation options to meet your needs.

Level 1: Cryptographic Human-in-the-Loop Authentication

Enables direct authentication between human users over traditional cloud resources for re-authentication and checks to ensure authorized users have control over their devices.

Developers can implement this solution end-to-end using existing preferred cloud services or Circle-hosted services.
Circle-of-Trust Level 2

Level 2: Spoof-proof Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification

For actions, events, and data requiring the highest level of security
At the highest level of security configuration, Circle-of-Trust operates entirely within Circles encrypted with AES 256, without any external avenues for attack. 

A turn-key hosted solution to ensure the integrity of the methods and system.

Get started

You can deploy Level 1 Circle-of-Trust capabilities in just a few hours.  It also works as an integrated step-up escalation for IAM platforms like Auth0. Pre-requisites for Circle-of-Trust implementation are as follows.

  1. Auth 0 and Circle accounts

  2. Circle Service is part of Circle Desktop, a thin client setup on your systems

  3. Circle Data API

Implementation of Circle-of-Trust:

Our Circle for Auth0 implementation securely store access tokens in Secure Capsules created by Circle and controlled by the Auth0 authentication web server. With this, storage and refresh of authentication tokens generated by Auth0 for SSO can now be done securely on the endpoint device to enable frictionless log-in without user credentials.

Use case description: Enabling authentication of users with a Human-in-the-loop feature. For this implementation, we will be considering 3 types of users.

  1. Actual User
  2. Email Authenticator
  3. SMS Authenticator

The implementation of the use case mainly consists of 2 segments -

  1. Core application setup and account creation (Detailed implementation steps- Getting Started with Circle-of-Trust)
    • Create an Auth0 account. Go to Auth0 Dashboard Application and create an application.
    • Configure - callback URLs and enable the refresh token
    • Initiate an API call to save the configuration
    • Test by initiating an API call for Circle to login into Auth0
  2. Use case implementation (Detailed implementation steps with demo tips - Human-in-the-loop Authentication )
    • All data points are stored in closed Secure Capsules, which can be opened through a multi-factor authentication
    • Authentication would generate 2 codes which are sent to the authentication validators of the user
    • The user would validate themself and get the code from the validators - physically or through a call
    • The user then enters the codes, which in turn help to unlock the Secure Capsules

For more information and other use case implementations 


Demo with detailed implementation steps 

The demo includes an optional escalation to Circle-of-Trust human-in-the-loop authentication and a simple admin to enable you to create and manage your own Circle-of-Trust for this purpose.  We strongly recommend you read these brief demo tips before understanding how to configure and run it with these features.
When you are ready, go to the demo to setup and your first Circle-of-Trust!
Get Circle Access Desktop
Circle Access Desktop

Circle Service a thin client, which is part of the Circle Access Desktop, leverages its unique and powerful functionalities to enable the following functionalities.

  • AES 256 encrypted Secure Capsules to store any kind and amount of data.
  • Keep private user data on endpoint devices but accessible to your applications.
  • Cloud backup, flexibility & resilience - but no keys
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Circle Data API
Circle Data API
Use  Circle Data API to integrate and implement Data Protection, Privacy, and control capabilities.
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View the code on Github
Go to our Github for code downloads, examples, modules and more.
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Support & Learning

Circle-of-Trust is implemented with Circle Data API. These resources will help to get you started. There are other complementary capabilities available that leverage the Circle Data API with Circle Service and Secure Capsules on endpoint devices. Please get in touch with us with your use case for a free consultation.


Check our FAQs and Troubleshooting tips, or post on our Forum


Learn more about the architecture and principles of Circle, and how these are leveraged to deliver the unique capabilities of Circle-of-Trust.

Deploy together with Circle Access Cryptographic CFA


Decentralized frictionless MFA that radically improves your security posture

You may want to consider deploying Circle Access alongside Circle-of-Trust. Circle Access secures user identity and access control with continuous cryptographic credential-free MFA that binds authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized to eliminate phishing and other breaches caused by stolen or lost credentials.

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