What we offer:

A Transformative Data Security Platform
Built on Next-Gen Decentralized Architecture

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Sign up to the Developer Hub today and get access to all the resources to get you using our API.  We have FREE FOREVER levels that enable you to not just try but use Circle APIs and see for yourself how they transform your Access and Data cybersecurity strategy from "Detect and Respond" to "Prevent and Eliminate".

Our approach to Threat Prevention consists of two major components

Threat prevention by securing access

  • Decentralized and credential free MFA for authenticating user across systems
  • Zero trust principles with continuous authentication and verification enabling digital trust
  • Strict governance policies with customizability for business friendly implementation

Circle Access

Frictionless Zero Trust Access Security

Threat prevention by securing data

  • Encrypting data at rest and in motion without compromising scalability and security
  • Restricting data visibility to trusted devices and secured end points
  • Adherence to compliance standards of HIPPA, CCPA , GDPR

Circle Data

Circle Data
Zero Trust Data Protection, Privacy & Control

Our Implementation Strategy

Deploy as stand-alone capabilities or as a comprehensive solution to deliver uncompromising access and data security
  • Deployable at both developer and enterprise level
  • Easy onboarding and frictionless integration with multiple systems
  • Fast implementation with API based integration
  • Access protection through authenticator app - more secure than SMS based authentication
  • Flexibility of integration at multiple levels of security policies
Circle Products

Dual Integration Options

Two easy ways to rapidly integrate Circle APIs with low code / no code for both web and device native applications


Easy & Rapid REST implementation
Download of thin Circle footprint
Effortless Maintenance


Lightweight libraries
Inline & Embedded Implementation
Fully Integrated with your Application Workflows
Start Securing Now

Deploy a Frictionless UX that Users Will Love and Use

Circle Access

Circle Access provides 3 flexible UX options for unphishable, frictionless MFA, all cryptographically enforced.
  • No passwords to forget, lose or be stolen
  • No codes or extra steps
  • No reset requests to the IT desk.

Circle Data

Everyone knows that encryption is critical to data protection and loss prevention. But it's usually far too complicated and painful for users. Circle's paradigm shifting architecture makes makes it built in, invisible and available flexibly on demand according to the use use case, user context or data permission as set in your policies engines.
Great Data Security UX

Works with your SSO & IAM platforms

Leverage our out-of-the-box integrations with leading SSO & IAM platforms - with more coming soon - to extend Zero Trust protection to your data.