Developers can leverage Circle API to shift left on their security game plans and proactively ensure authentication, security, privacy and trust in their existing applications, or build entirely new ones that seize the opportunities and meet the challenges of the connected world.

Secure remote work

Remote work and distributed collaboration are the new normal. So is cybercrime

With Circle, you can securely authenticate your workforce, partners, and customers no matter what devices or networks they use to access your corporate environment.
Passwordless authentication is not enough!
Circle extends credential-free access to true zero trust authentication and context-aware step-up re-authentication using circle's revolutionary human-in-the-loop identity verification.
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Secure Dev-Ops

Author verification with cryptographic signatures for each commit
Use Circle API to automatically check that the key that signed the commit is tied to a device and authorized user that was registered and authenticated.
Keys created on and bound to authorized devices
Use Circle Secure Capsules to ensure that only the authorized devices can make commits - or gain access at all.
Continuous authentication with biometrics
Use continuous authentication with biometric verification provided by the device to maintain user authentication throughout the session. Once the biometric signals are no longer properly received by the platform, the user is logged out,
Flexible, powerful, bullet proof authorization
Build authorization flows with multiple human or digital checkpoints and flexible rules. Enforce the resulting permission or action cryptographically.
Escalate to Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification
Whenever needed - especially during authorizations and onboarding for new users - be SURE the user on the device is the actual human user that has been authenticated.
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Secure crypto assets & NFTs

Prevent spoofing & unauthorized access and secure all digital assets

Ensure access is controlled by the authorized end user and their devices
Prevent spoofing and all forms of identity impersonation attacks
Keep digital assets secure AND private
Only permit transactions that are cryptographically authenticated and verified to protect your crypto wealth and transactions
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Secure transactions

Ensure an unparalleled amount of digital trust in your transactions

Event-level cryptographic authentication
Automatically enforce cryptographic signatures at event level and deliver an unparalleled level of digital trust in your transactions
Continuous authentication with biometrics
Use continuous authentication with biometrics provided by the device to maintain user authentication throughout the session. Once the biometric signals are no longer properly received by the platform, the user is logged out,
Human-in-the-loop (HITL) Identity Verification
For high fidelity transactions and as governed by your policies, escalate to Circle's revolutionary "Human-in-the-loop" identity verification to ensure there is no absolute identity compromise
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Secure enterprise data

Protect and control enterprise data - even with BYODs over open networks.

Circle Secure Capsules put the data owner in charge
Unrivaled client-side control of enterprise data even on BYODs
Using Circle API enterprises can create and manage totally private client-side data capsules secured by AES 256 powered encryption technology that is bound to the device. Even on BYODs enterprises can have full visibility into these capsules and can control access and data.
Cloud back-up and restoration - but no keys
Data in client-side secure capsules are also backed up in encrypted data blobs on the cloud for which only the enterprise has the keys.
Remote wipe when needed
When a vendor, employee or other relationship is terminated, enterprises can instantly wipe the keys and access to all data in secure capsules on the end-point devices.
Foil ransomware
Secure access to only authorized devices through credential-free access and eliminate attack surface in the Cloud. Reduce attack surface to single endpoint device thus exponentially increasing the cost for attackers. Implement human-in-the-loop Zero Trust authentication governed by your policies to fool-proof your operations from ransomware.
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Secure collaboration

Ensure your communication, collaboration and information exchange are always private among trusted and verified parties and remains so always

Circle changes the game to keep private communication, collaboration, and information exchange truly private
Securely communicate only with trusted and verified parties.
Prevent leakage of user communications, data or metadata.
Stay anonymous when you need it.
Maintain compliance without compromising privacy and security.
User removal with Remote Wipe.
Collaborate with large files easily and securely.
Collaborate offline without losing work.
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Be amazed by the

No Compromise

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See how Circle secures access and data.