Circle Access

Circle Access

Access Verification

Additional layer security for high-risk use cases 

Our Access Verification and Recovery solution delivers a level of security that was previously achievable only with a physical world mechanism. Circle-of-Trust brings in the ability to provide human context as an authentication factor. 
Configure your access policies to trigger Zero Trust identity verification
No external certificate authority or exposure
All operations are performed within AES 256 encrypted Circles.

Circle-of-Trust enables step-up authentication to provide a breakthrough Zero Trust human-in-the-loop identity verification solution to protect your most sensitive digital resources.

Start securing now
Circle-of-Trust Level 2

Spoof-proof your actions, events, and data requires the highest level of security

Enable direct identity verification of a user via other trusted and known users who are cryptographically added to the Circle-of-Trust. 

Authorized members of a Circle-of-Trust operate entirely as a closed encrypted user group without any external avenues for attack.


Human-in-the-loop verification

Our human-in-the-loop step-up authentication is executed using decentralized cryptographic multi-factor authentication.

  1. This involves sending requests to delegated authorized humans who can verify the end user's identity on the device.
  2. Using cryptographically fused identity to authorize digital action, transaction, or workflow.

Trusted restore & recovery

With Circle-of-Trust, any verified member can restore access and recover the Circle-of-Trust owner without any possibility of gaining access to the owner's secrets themselves.

The Circle-of-Trust owner invites and verifies members who can restore their encryption keys and access.

The owner can also set the number of members for identity verification to authorize recovery.

Superpowers are always super safe

To ensure a smooth recovery process there should be a specific set of users with super accesses. In other words, superpowers are required for users who can override when needed to recover and protect the system. With Circle, these super users will be reinforced by people who know each other personally and beyond machines. 

Cloud backup without access to keys

Circle-of-Trust is powered with cloud backup features that enable use cases like remote wipe, i.e., to remotely take a backup of user data on the cloud and wipe out the data on the systems if the system is compromised.

Recovery keys are stored on the cloud but in secure capsules that can only be opened when downloaded to an authorized device of an authenticated user. So, your support staff can recover a user but never get access themselves.

Built-in immutable audit trail

Circle's internal immutable Distributed Ledger ensures that a bullet-proof audit trail can be maintained for compliance and regulatory investigations.

Ditch MFA and hardware token hassles and headaches

Easy to Deploy & Maintain
Easy to deploy

Faster deployment, i.e., within minutes

  • Deploy the application in minutes that allows users to self-provision and enroll devices.
  • Enabling features of Circle-of-Trust without any support from the helpdesk
Easy to use

No more unnecessary login friction!

  • Get the security of hardware tokens and physical world processes with the fluidity and ease of all digital execution.
  • Integrated encrypted video conference option.
  • QR codes and other instant scan options for person-to-person verifications
Easy to support

No VPN, firewalls, or SDP is needed.

  • Only authorized devices, with end users with verified identities by Circle-of-Trust, can access the protected cloud server, device, or resource.
  • Eliminate help desk tickets and support for password resets and credential breaches.

Works with your SSO & IAM platforms

Leverage our out-of-the box integrations with leading SSO & IAM platforms - with more coming soon - to extend Zero Trust protection to your data.