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Threat Prevention

No Cloud Attack Surface.




Credential Stuffing

Social Engineering

Compromised Credentials

Business Email Compromise

3rd Party Software Vulnerability

Password Reuse

Credential Replay

SIM Swapping

Identity Impersonation

Account Takeover

Endpoint Data Loss

Transform your Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy and posture from "Detect and Respond" to "Prevent & Eliminate"

Circle Access

Frictionless credential-free decentralized MFA with robust verification and recovery

Circle Access secures access to data throughout the user journeys by eliminating all credential-based threat vectors using end-point cryptography and no usernames/passwords. Traditional MFA and Authenticator Apps are an improvement but are still vulnerable to various hacks with a single-point-of-failure

Secure Access

Our differentiators 

Easy to deploy

  • Rapid deployment < 30 mins 
  • Dual integration - Rest API and SDKs 
  • Available in both enterprise and developer setups

Easy to use

  • No code / Low code 
  • Available in 3 UX options 
  • Enable step-up authentication with simple API configuration

Easy to support

  • Integrations supported in 15+ programming languages
  • Multiple IAM integrations with an out-of-the-box implementation 
  • Interactive demos and detailed learning content

Circle Access Capabilities

Circle Access
Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication  
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Digital Trust
Digital Trust for User Journeys
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Access Verification & Recovery
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Circle Data

End-to-End Data Protection

Circle Data uses the same endpoint-bound cryptography used in Circle Access, but Circle Data provides end-to-end protection for data assets and collaboration. Enterprises get seamless visibility and control into data on endpoints thus enforcing data loss prevention

Our differentiators 

Easy to deploy

  • Only 6 easy steps of implementation across all features 
  • Install thin agent only once to enable all features  
  • Out-of-the-box implementations for Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint for secure data storage and sharing 

Easy to use

  • Enable all features using simple API configurations 
  • No-limit on the size of the data 
  • Frictionless UX implementation 

Easy to support

  • Compliant with HIPPA, CCPA, and GDPR standards by design 
  • Super-fast onboarding and off-boarding processes 
  • Cloud backup option with controlled visibility to avoid data loss

Circle Data Capabilities

Circle Data
End-to-End Data Protection
End-to-End Data Protection
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Enterprise Data Control
Enterprise Data Visibility & Control
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Privacy Assurance
Data Privacy & Compliance
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Circle Data UX
invisible and integrated

  • Install Thin Agent 1X
  • Add and configure plug-in / other integration
  • Just Use Your Apps with Circle Data Protection Built-in
Great Data Security UX

See some demos of Circle Data integrations

Circle Data with Microsoft Outlook
Circle Data Demo CTA
Circle Data with Microsoft Sharepoint
Circle Data Demo CTA

Works with your SSO & IAM platforms

Leverage our out-of-the-box integrations with leading SSO & IAM platforms - with more coming soon - to extend Zero Trust protection to your data.

Be amazed by the

No Compromise

promise of Circle.

See how Circle secures access and data.