Do you know who has access to your software?

Circle API provides powerful tools for a secure, scalable way for development and GitOps teams to ensure the integrity of your identity and code. Ensure that your developers are not impersonated, and the built code gets deployed.
Verify the author of every code commit with cryptographic signatures
Enforce authentication of each commit with a cryptographic signature with a key bound to the device and user. Seamlessly, add on biometric verification as needed.
Easily enable multi-developer sign-off workflows
Enable multi-party sign-offs easily into development workflows with cryptographic enforcement of actions without compromising development agility.
Enforce step-up identity verification for major development milestones
When needed, escalate to human-in-the-loop identity verification cryptographically fused to device authorization and access to Git.
Maintain compliance with immutable tracking of all commits
Automatically record every action via Circle's built-in immutable ledger to comply with audits and DevSecOps processes. Supports easy export of data for reporting, audits, and DevSecOps processes.

Author verification with cryptographic signatures for each commit

Circle API automatically ensures that code commits are tied to authenticated cryptographic signatures bound to authorized devices and registered and authenticated users.

This can be easily integrated with your IAM to ensure every user making commits have an authenticated corporate identity.

Continuous authentication with biometrics

Use continuous authentication with built-in biometric user verification to ensure security throughout the session. The user can be set to log out automatically once the biometric signals are no longer adequately received.

Flexible and bulletproof multi-developer authorization

Circle's flexible and powerful Authorization API enables you to seamlessly build authorization flows requiring multiple developers to approve actions or code commits. Enforce the resulting permission or action cryptographically.

Escalate to Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification

With the constant evolution of sophisticated threats, how can you be sure that the user on the device is the actual human user that has been authenticated?

Now you can, with Circle-of-Trust™. Our breakthrough method of human-in-the-loop identity verification that is cryptographically fused to device authorization can make it easy and fast to KNOW the answer to that crucial question: who is the real human user behind the authorized device?

Prove compliance with immutable audit trail

Circle's built-in immutable distributed ledger records every action and supports easy data export for reporting, audits, and DevSecOps processes.

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