Circle Access

Circle Access

Digital Trust

 Secure all actions and transactions of users with Zero Trust

Our Digital Trust for User Journeys solution prevents fraud by adopting Zero Trust security, that continuously authenticates every action and transaction 

Eliminate human attack surface by enabling Digital Trust 

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Zero Trust Credential-free Authentication

Bind any action to an authenticated and authorized device with a unique private key for credential-free authentication.

Know and verify the user behind every action

Automatically enforce cryptographic signatures for every user action and deliver an unparalleled level of digital trust in user actions, transactions and interactions.

Continuous authentication with biometrics

Enable continuous positive identity verification via 
device-based biometrics throughout the user session.
To deliver an immutable proof of identity and possession of the device.
Circle Verite

Authorize safely, securely & efficiently, but with bullet-proof oversight and controls.

Enable multi-party approval workflow with cryptographic enforcement of actions without compromising business agility. 

Leverage Circle's Authorization API to govern and implement protocols with bullet-proof cryptographic enforcement of approvals.

Guarantee data integrity for auditing, investigations and compliance

Review and export an immutable audit trail of every user activity.

Ensure adherence to regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

Optionally capture immutable records of device security posture and other metadata throughout a user journey.
Digital Trust

Interactive demo for multi-party authorization 

An interactive demo with detailed steps for building a multi-party authorization workflow. This enables users to authorize a particular action with multiple parties. 

The demo shows how to create a workflow for approving payments.