Circle Access

Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication 

Our Credential-free Authentication (CFA) solution is built on a decentralized Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) architecture powered by our proprietary Circle Access API

It radically improves your security posture by cryptographically binding authentication of the user to an authorized endpoint device

Solution delivers CFA implementation with:

  • No code / low code implementation
  • Effortless to maintain 
  • Integration support for 15 programming languages 
  • Integrates with IAM platforms, MS Active Directory and more

Go beyond Passwords and MFA

Implement a breakthrough 360-degree Zero Trust Access solution or add it to your existing MFA in 30 minutes or less

Our CFA solution achieves authentication using 3 strong factors


Something You Have

  • Your mobile phone or other device


Something You Are

  • Biometric scanning to ensure the user on the device is the user who was authorized
  • Ability to protect & compare the original scan to prevent device hacks


Something You Do

  • Sign a cryptographic challenge with a private key that only your device possesses
  • Match a hash from an email or other PII data that was generated at the time of original authentication by the web server

Get started

Our CFA solution can be implemented using 3 UX options

  1. Circle Lite - No installation required on any device, browser-based configuration
  2. Circle Access Mobile - Install our mobile app, no footprint on any other device
  3. Circle Access Desktop - Install thin agent desktop application

Five easy steps to start with CFA


Create a Circle account


Get access to the Circle Access API keys


Select the CFA UX option that you'd like to deploy for your application


Follow the implementation steps specific to the chosen UX option you to configure CFA


Test the implementation and verify the user experience

For detailed implementation steps - click on start coding on the selected UX options or refer to -

With Circle Access Mobile & Circle Access Desktop, you can enable an additional but optional feature of Circle AccessLock. It's a simple library that allows displaying a lock screen using Circle Technology. This feature can be enabled when the user has multiple endpoint devices and can use Circle Access mobile app installed on phone to log in to another phone/tablet. This feature is currently available for Android devices.

For detailed implementation, steps click on Circle AccessLock 

Circle Access Demo

Interactive demo for Circle Access CFA implementation 

This is a simple demo of Circle Access, which enables frictionless Cryptographic CFA implementation. 

Circle Access has 3 UX options for end users, and automatically detects and adjusts to what the user has installed on the device. You can try all three in this demo
Circle Access Demo
Circle Access API
Use Circle Access API to integrate and implement CFA
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View the code on Github
Go to our Github for code downloads, examples, modules and more.
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Circle Access UX implementation options
All Cryptographic and Credential-free

Try the Demo

Optimize your app for user experience and privacy, lower user friction, and speed up the registration, login, and authentication factors. Our flexible, credential-free UX options can be used separately or together.

Circle Access Lite

No device installation required 
Browser-based configuration 
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
Start coding

Circle Access Mobile

Circle Access Mobile
Mobile application
A secure mobile authentication app with no footprint on any other device
  • No install required on other devices
  • QR code scan for other devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Direct log-in on mobile
  • Enable Circle AccessLock (optional) 
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Circle Access Desktop

Circle Access Desktop
Desktop thin agent 
Desktop applications that can enable frictionless CFA implementation
  • Install 1x & forget
  • Your device is your auto log-in
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Works along with Circle Access Mobile
  • Enable Circle AccessLock (optional) 
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Ditch MFA and hardware token hassles and headaches

Easy to Deploy & Maintain
Easy to deploy

Faster deployment, i.e., within minutes

  • Deploy the application in minutes that allows users to self-provision and enroll devices.
  • Enabling features of Circle-of-Trust without any support from the helpdesk
Easy to use

No more unnecessary login friction!

  • Get the security of hardware tokens and physical world processes with the fluidity and ease of all digital execution.
  • Integrated encrypted video conference option.
  • QR codes and other instant scan options for person-to-person verifications
Easy to support

No VPN, firewalls, or SDP is needed.

  • Only authorized devices, with end users with verified identities by Circle-of-Trust, can access the protected cloud server, device, or resource.
  • Eliminate help desk tickets and support for password resets and credential breaches.

Meet the challenges of the new normal

Circle beats both Traditional MFA and Hardware Tokens
Key Capabilities
Hardware Tokens
Traditional MFA
Circle Access
Reduces credentials-based attacks
Reduces MiTM and Spoofing
Frictionless user experience
Uses only trusted factors
Supports continuous authentication
Zero attack surface in the cloud
Access limited only to authorized users that are bound to authorized devices
Single user access across browsers/devices
Escalation to spoof-prrof human-in-the-loop Access Verification & Account Recovery
Endpoint device /data security