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Joint Solution Brief

Summary of benefits

Radically improves security powered by zero-trust and credential-free technology
  • Eliminate phishing, spoofing, and any other threats from compromised, stolen, or lost credentials
  • Reduce the attack surface from Cloud
  • Prevent fraud and deliver digital trust
Dramatically improves user experience
  • Enable frictionless credential-free access with no usernames/passwords to remember.
  • Deliver cross-context authentication automatically across devices and browsers.
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Super-fast implementation in < 30 mins 
Substantially reduces IT and support overhead
  • Eliminate password reset and recovery help tickets
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Security is imperative for enterprises to operate and compete in today's hyper-connected world

The cloud is ubiquitous because it has simplified development and automation exponentially over the years, and emerging tech such as AI and IoT will only accelerate this.

The catch though, is that the very same foundational architectures which drive the cloud’s efficiency, flexibility and cost benefits also serve as its weakest links from a security perspective. The result is the daily march of headlines we all read about - with ever larger and deeper breaches of data and systems.

When it comes to authentication, two areas are particularly challenging.
1. Weak of credentials
We are all familiar with the challenge of managing and tracking our usernames and passwords - even worse, these are an invitation for business email compromise, fraud, phishing, and other malicious attacks. While enterprises are migrating to passwordless solutions, traditional MFA still uses weak, vulnerable factors like SMS and Email.

2. Lack of context-aware and verifiable Zero Trust
User self-identification and authorization are a baseline necessity for any enterprise today and are sufficient for many use cases and needs. Still, they are vulnerable to determined attackers when the resource being protected is of very high value. The need to have foolproof identity verification that is automatically triggered based on context is vital.

Circle of Auth0 enhances both security and user experience

Current approaches to secure authentication - such as traditional MFA and hardware tokens - add login friction for end users and complexity for IT. This, in turn, results in poor engagement, increased costs, and reduced productivity.

The Auth0 Identity Platform is cloud-native and adaptable, created with extensible building blocks to address any app and development teams’ use case now and in the future. Organizations can manage the complexities of today’s identity use cases while delivering a customized balance between security, privacy, and convenience for their end users.

Circle API integrates with Auth0 to offer a seamless, secure experience for a consumer’s digital identity. An end user's identity is verified and tied to their device through biometrics and cryptographic binding. The user experience is streamlined to provide frictionless authentication that is both credential-free and continuous.

With Circle, there is no need for a user to locate a 2nd device, fish out a code or link, continually follow tedious two-step authentication processes, choose lengthy passwords or change them every 90 days. Also gone are forgotten password lockouts or help desk password resets.

Understanding Circle for Auth0 architecture

1. Credential-free authentication across browsers, applications, devices and contexts

Continuous frictionless authentication of a single unique user across multiple devices, browsers, sessions and contexts without the need for a VPN, 3rd party cookies, usernames or passwords.
Circle + Auth0

Circle delivers unrivaled credential-free authentication by combining:

  • Something you have - A private AES 256 key cryptographically fused to an authorized device; and
  • Something you are - Continuous biometric authentication tied to the device context

2. Delegated MFA + Access Verification powered by Circle-of-Trust

Delegated MFA
Based on the context and policies set by Auth0 actions or the application, Circle can execute multi-factor authentication and access verification that is delegated to authorized administrators who can re-authenticate the end-point device access and verify the end user identity.

This breakthrough Human-in-the-Loop™ delegated MFA is a step-up zero-trust re-authentication for high-risk use cases, contexts, and user behaviors.
About Auth0
Auth0 solves the most complex and large-scale identity use cases for global enterprises with our extensible and easy-to-integrate platform, securing billions of logins every year

With a mission to secure the world’s identities so innovators can innovate, Auth0 provides the simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to scale and protect identities in any application, for any audience. For more information visit
About Circle
Circle is reimagining cybersecurity. Using a patented transformative technology Circle cryptographically secures identity, data, and privacy for third-party applications using a unified API. Using Circle, developers, and enterprises can easily integrate credential-free identity authentication, unrivaled data security, and unmatched privacy protection capabilities into their applications, APIs, or IoT devices without compromising user experience.