Circle + Forgerock Joint Sales Brief

Summary of benefits

Radically improve security
  • Eliminate phishing and any other threats from stolen or lost credentials
  • Reduces the attack surface from Cloud or Enterprise-wide to the endpoint device of each user, exponentially increasing the cost and effort for attackers.
  • Ensure all users and devices are authorized and compliant with security policies.
  • Monitor and assess risky actions and attacks between sessions.
  • Escalate seamlessly to delegated human-in-the-loop identity verification when needed.
  • Protect private data and communications in transit and at rest in on-demand cryptographic private networks.
Dramatically enhance UX
  • Enable frictionless credential-free access with no usernames/passwords to remember.
  • Deliver cross-context authentication automatically across devices and browsers.
  • Improve customer and user engagement and satisfaction
Reduce IT and support overhead
  • Eliminate password reset and recovery help tickets.
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Security is essential for organizations to operate and compete in today's hyper-connected world

The cloud is ubiquitous because it has simplified development and automation exponentially over the years, and emerging tech such as AI and IoT will only accelerate this. The catch, though, is that the foundational architectures that drive the cloud’s efficiency, flexibility, and cost benefits also serve as its weakest links from a security perspective. The result is the daily march of headlines we all read about - with ever more significant and more profound data and systems breaches. Circle changes the paradigm with a breakthrough hybrid cloud + P2P architecture to address three challenge areas.
Secure Identity

The modern workplace - and workforce - is cloud-centric, distributed, and increasingly BYOD. The ability to easily access anything online is essential to productivity but critically flawed from a security standpoint. With Circle, you can meet these two conflicting requirements:

  • Enable zero trust credential-free authentication
  • Restrict access to trusted devices
  • Positively verify user identity on every device
  • Escalate when needed to Unspoofable human-in-the-loop identity verification
Secure Data

Most of the time, it is the DATA that attackers are after. Circle Secure Capsules put the data owner In charge, protecting and controlling access to data - even with BYODs and over open networks - with end-to-end AES 256 encryption. Use Circle Secure Capsules to achieve the following:

  • Zero Trust Data Security
  • Visibility and control of data that matters
  • Digital Trust for user journeys, actions, interactions, and transactions.
Secure Data

Users, Organizations, and governments demand privacy and data control. With Circle, data owners can form on-demand Circles, a private network of devices that provide a secure and private environment for communication and collaboration controlled by the Circle Owner.

  • NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data – or metadata – EVER.
  • ZERO attack surface in the Cloud - keys are created, stored, and bound to the endpoint device.
  • Remote wipe capabilities protect data owners from bad actors or device compromise.

ForgeRock + Circle power 360 protection for identity, access and data security while maximizing efficiency and UX

The joint solution offered by ForgeRock Identity Platform and Circle API enables organizations across all industries to fully leverage the benefits of the new distributed workforce with no compromise to security.

  • Own, control, protect and utilize identities.
  • Enable frictionless, continuous cryptographic, device-based authentication to access authorized applications, data, and resources.
  • Positively verify the identity of the user on every access - or continuously in sessions - with biometrics.
  • Escalate to on-demand unspoofable human-in-the-loop identity verification when needed.
  • Protect private data and communications in transit and at rest in on-demand cryptographic private networks.
As a result, user experience is improved while organizations increase operational efficiency, lower costs and protect their applications, resources and data.

Circle + ForgeRock: 360 solutions to secure identity, data and privacy

1. Zero Trust Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication across Browsers, Applications, Devices and Contexts

Eliminate Phishing, Spoofing and all Credentials-based Attacks with Circle Access
Continuous frictionless authentication of a single unique user across multiple devices, browsers, sessions, and contexts without the need for a VPN, 3rd party cookies, usernames, or passwords.

Continuous frictionless authentication of a single unique user across multiple devices, browsers, sessions, and contexts without the need for a VPN or the use of 3rd party cookies. Circle delivers unrivaled identity verification + authentication by combining:

  • Something you have - a private AES 256 key cryptographically fused to an authorized device; and
  • Something you are - biometric verification of the user - including continuous authentication when desired.

2.  On Demand Escalation to Delegated Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification

Circle of Trust
When You Need to Be Sure, Escalate to Circle-of-Trust
Circle's breakthrough unspoofable human-in-the-loop delegated MFA is available as a step-up re-authentication for high-risk use cases, contexts, and user profiles. Based on the context and policies set by ForgeRock IAM, Circle can execute distributed multifactor authentication delegated to authorized humans who can verify the end-user's identity on the device.

3.  AES 256 Encrypted Secure Capsules to Power Game Changing Client-Side Data Security and Control

Circle End-to-end Data Protection 
Circle Secure Capsules and E2EE data transport ensure private and secure communications with and storage on endpoint devices. With Circle, organizations can have complete visibility into and control of data stored in Secure Capsules on endpoint devices.
Circle Secure Capsule
Circle of Trust
Circle Data Visibility and Control
Authorized users can form Circles, a private network of devices that share a unique AES 256 key controlled by the Circle Owner. All user data, metadata, and communications are encrypted and private to ALL outside parties.
About ForgeRock
The ForgeRock Identity Platform™ is the industry-leading open-source multi-cloud identity management platform that empowers digital businesses and service providers across all industries to own, control, protect and utilize their identities. ForgeRock Identity Platform offers secure, effortless access to all services on an individual's device of choice. The platform service provides a better customer experience while gaining incremental revenue, increasing operational efficiency, and lowering costs by providing self-service capabilities to new markets.
About Circle
Circle is reimagining cybersecurity. Using a patented transformative technology Circle cryptographically secures identity, data, and privacy for third-party applications using a unified API. Using Circle, developers, and enterprises can easily integrate credential-free identity authentication, unrivaled data security, and unmatched privacy protection capabilities into their applications, APIs, or IoT devices without compromising user experience.