Circle Access

Circle for Google Workspace

Our out-of-the-box implementation for Google Workspace users 

Enable secure login to all your Google Apps using Circle for Google Workspace that complements its seamless UX with cryptographic credential-free authentication

Challenges with traditional Single-Sign-On(SSO)s

90% of data breaches are due to credential compromise
Traditional SSO solutions act as a single point of failure during an attack
Cloud based SSOs are always vulnerable to cloud based attack

Circle for Google Workspace is a decentralized cryptographic credential-free SSO

  • Eliminate all credential-based attacks. 
  • No single-point-of-failure with decentralized architecture 
  • Zero cloud attack surface 
  • Frictionless UX with no compromise on security

Key features

  • Superfast onboarding and offboarding process
  • Out-of-the-box implementation 
  • Credential-free login for Google Apps and other apps associate to google workspace 
  • Available for developers and enterprises 
  • Available on both mobile and desktop

Overview of implementation flow

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