Circle  Access 360 Demo

Circle Access Desktop and Circle Access Mobile integrated together for the ulimate in UX and security

Circle is reimagining cybersecurity. Using a unique next-gen architecture Circle secures identity, data and privacy for third-party applications using one unified API.  

Circle Access 360

Circle Access eliminates phishing and other breaches caused by stolen or lost credentials by cryptographically binding authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized.

Circle Access Mobile App


Continuous biometric authentication ensure your smarthphone is YOU.


The creation of Circles, an cryptographically private network of devices defined by the possession of a unique AES 256 key, using our direct out-of-band P2P authentication process.

Circle Desktop 


Completely frictionless cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices.


Enable biometric-powered continuous authentication when needed for real-time security monitoring.
Developer can deploy either UX option alone or together.  Circle Access 360 also integrates with other API products for advances features of data security and privacy.

Ditch MFA and Hardware Token Hassles and Headaches

Easy to Deploy
Deploys in minutes, allows users to self provision and enroll devices and Circle-of-Trust members with ZERO support needed by the application developer or IT.
Easy to Use
No more unnecessary login friction!
Get the security of hardware tokens and physical world processes with the fluidity and ease of all digital execution.
Integrated encrypted video conference option.
QR Codes and other instant scan options for person-to-person verifications
Easy to Support
No VPN, Firewalls or SDP needed.
Only authorized devices, with end users identities verified by Circle-of-Trust, can access the protected cloud server, device, or resource.
Eliminate help desk ticket and support for password resets and credentials breach.
Easy to Deploy & Maintain