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Password Manager

Go completely credential-free with Circle Access Password Manager

Manage, share and track your passwords in a decentralized architecture 

  • Easy to setup and deploy
  • Zero cloud attack surface 
  • No single point of failure 

About Password Manager

The increasing reliance on SaaS products and services for business functions has made password managers crucial for most organizations. However, most passwordless solutions depend on the cloud for orchestration, and the cloud, by design, is compromised as it increases the attack surface. Last year, a leading password manager was hacked twice due to this vulnerability.

Circle Password Manager addresses these concerns by adopting a decentralized architecture, orchestrating its solution on device endpoints. Circle ensures that passwords are stored on your device rather than in the cloud,
mitigating the risks of cloud compromise.


  • Individual passwords saved separately, eliminating the need for a master password and any single point of failure.
  • Passwords stored on your device endpoint, not in the cloud.
  • Convenient click-and-auto-fill feature for password entry.
  • Maintains a detailed log of password usage across websites, applications, and devices.
  • Secure password sharing facilitated through password-sharing groups with activity tracking provisions.


The demo shows the overall user experience of using Circle Access Password Manager and the feature to share passwords securely

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