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Circle Access

Credential-Free Authentication with Auth0
Access Verification and Recovery

Use Circle Data APIs and our Circle-of-Trust solution together to enable powerful capabilities for frictionless authentication together with unspoofable identity verification on demand.

What this demo shows

In this demo, we combine:

  1. Circle Data API integration with Auth0 to enable frictionless CFA with Federated Identity Providers (e.g. Google, LinkedIn); 
  2. Optional escalation to Circle-of-Trust human-in-the-loop distributed identity verification + authentication.

Circle Data + Auth0 for Frictionless CFA

With Circle Data, the same encryption keys used to authenticate identities and their actions can be used to secure data and communications end-to-end protecting data on the endpoint devices and in Cloud in Circles and Secure Private Capsules.

In this use case and solution demo, the Circle and Secure Private Capsules are created and controlled by the Auth0 authentication web server. Refresh and Auth tokens generated by Auth0 for SSO can now be securely communicated to and stored on the endpoint device to enable frictionless log-in with no need for user credentials. This ability is uniquely authorized and bound to only the devices the end user has approved and works across all browsers and contexts on each device with no extra steps needed.


Circle-of-Trust is a very flexible and powerful tool. This is the simplest possible configuration - called Level 1 - in which external communications platforms are used. The demo illustrated the following basic functionalities.

  1. Simple admin to demonstrate setting up one or multiple human authenticators that know you.
  2. The ability to lock Secure Capsules containing Auth0 tokens to restrict access. In the demo, this is triggered manually by the user. In the real world, this would be triggered by a policies engines in platforms such as Auth0, ForgeRock, Ping Identity, etc.
  3. The ability to perform a direct out-of-band multifactor authentication with human authenticators to verify the identity of the user, unlock Secure Capsules and restore access. This can be done in person, over video conference, or by other means appropriate to the situation.

At the highest level of security configuration, Circle-of-Trust operates entirely within Circles that are encrypted with AES 256, without any external avenues for attack. We are implementing this first as a turn-key hosted solution in order to ensure the integrity of the methods and system. If you would like to get a demo and learn more, please contact us.

What you will need

Circle Access Desktop

Download and install Circle Access Desktop thin agent. This installs Circle Service to leverage its unique and powerful functionalities that run on the endpoint device.

  • AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to store any kind and any amount of data.
  • Keep private user data on endpoint devices but accessible to your applications.
  • Cloud Back-up, Flexibility & Resilience - But No Keys
Get Circle Access Desktop

Before you start: Demo tips

This demo involves some advanced features and administrator settings for Circle-of-Trust that must be defined - and are part of the demo. Therefore, before starting, please review this brief introduction and instructions on how to use the demo.
Demo tips


When ready to start:

  1. Go to the demo - you will arrive at the home page of an ultra-simple demo Web site.
  2. Simply log-in credential-free (using Circle Access Desktop) with your preferred federated identity provider - for this demo, we enabled Google or LinkedIn.
  3. You can then try out the features of Circle-of-Trust following the Demo Tips.
Try the Demo

Circle Access Desktop

Circle Access Desktop
Install thin agent
A secure mobile authentication app like no other
  • Install 1x & forget
  • Your device is your auto log-in
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification optional
  • Works together with Circle Access Mobile