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Circle Access

Circle Access

Digital Trust Across User Journeys

Ensure digital trust for user journeys, actions, interactions, and transactions using cryptographic authentication, multi-party authorization, and immutable DLT.

What this demo shows

In this simple demo, you can create a flow for approving payments from 3 people with weights for each.

The Circle Access Authorization APIs allow developers to create any kind of authorization/approval workflow for a distributed workforce, with biometric verification of users and the option of cryptographic enforcement of actions granted.

What you will need

Circle Access Mobile

You need the Circle Access Mobile App to leverage the on-device cryptographic capabilities of Circle Access Mobile and Digital Trust use cases.

Note: Circle Access Mobile also includes Circle Service, so you gain all of the Data Protection, Privacy, and Control capabilities of Circle Data at the same time.

How to use the demo

We suggest you read the demo tips before you start.
Demo tips


When ready to start:


Go to the demo 


Press the scan button to authenticate yourself.


You will be presented with a QR code which can be scanned from the Circle Access Mobile app.


Now you will see the demo application where you can define the approval workflow to run the demo.
Try the demo now

Circle Access Mobile

Circle Access Mobile
Install on Mobile, No footprint 
on Other Devices
A secure mobile authentication app like no other
  • QR Code Scan for other devices
  • No install required on other devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Direct Log-in on Mobile

Demo Video

This video provides a quick explanation and introduction of what the Authorization API does.