Circle Access Mobile introduction 

What this demo shows

This is a demonstration of credential-free authentication powered by Circle Access Desktop API, including:


Integration with Circle Access Mobile for credential free Two Factor Authentication


Setting up Circle Access on your mobile device.
Circle Access Mobile is a very powerful and lightweight tool that allows you to add credential-free Two Factor authentication to your project.

What you need to use this demo

Get Circle Access
Before getting started with the demo you will first need to install Circle Access on your mobile device.

How to use the demo

We have provide two versions of this demo:
Basic Demo - just demonstrate credential free log-in powered by your smarphone
Interactive Demo - provides interactive code snippets and everything you need to understand how it works.
When ready to start:


Go to the demo version you prefer - you will arrive at the home page of a ultra-simple demo Web site.


Press the login with circle button.


You will be presented with a QR code which can be scanned from the Circle Access Mobile app.

Want to See More?

There are more sophisticated features that we can show, including the console and code walkthrough.  If you are interested, please contact us for a demo.
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