Circle Vault

Demonstration of one use case for AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to power game changing client-side data security and control

Circle is reimagining cybersecurity.

Using a unique next-gen architecture Circle secures identity, data and privacy for third-party applications using one unified API.  

Client Side Encryption of Email and Attachments

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Client-side AES 256 encryption of emails and attachments for Microsoft Oulook
Integrated with Outlook UI - Toggle Encryption on or off on the fly
Encryption keys can be wiped remotely at any time - although data remains on device it becomes unreadable
The demo illustrates the following areas of functionality.

Private Cryptographic Network (Circle)

Circle enables the creation of private groups consisting of users or devices which are uniquely authenticated using Circle’s patented out-of-band P2P invitation process. These groups possess the AES 256 key to decrypt the communications and data exchanged among them. Even user data – and metadata – is encrypted. This means NOBODY – not even Circle, the company – has access or visibility into the data exchanged among these groups.

Secure Digital Capsules

Circle creates and stores data inside of an AES 256 encrypted secure digital capsule on the end user’s device. The capsule is backed up as an inert data blob on the cloud, assuring recovery and protection against all manner of device mishaps and malicious attacks (e.g. ransomware).