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Circle Data

Circle Data

Data Privacy and Compliance

Give your users the privacy and control that they - and governments - are demanding and deserve. With Circle Data, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data - or metadata - EVER.

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What this demo shows

The demo illustrates the following areas of functionality.


The secure E2EE exchange of files and data between users and devices with zero attack surface in the cloud.


The creation of Circles, a cryptographic private network of devices defined by the possession of a unique AES 256 key, using our direct out-of-band P2P authentication process.

What you need to use this demo


Install Circle Access Desktop
Before getting started with the demo you will first need to install Circle Access on your desktop.
Download Circle Access


Invite a demo partner
This is a demonstration of securely sharing files with other users in a Circle. There must be one other demo partner that has installed Circle Access Desktop and can participate with you.

Circle Access Desktop

Circle Access Desktop
Install thin Agent
A secure mobile authentication app like no other
  • Install 1x & forget
  • Your device is your auto log-in
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Continuous authentication
  • Biometric identity verification optional
  • Works together with Circle Access Mobile

How to use the demo

Follow these steps.


Go to the demo - you will arrive at the demo home page.


Click on My Circles at the top left - next to the Circle logo.


This will open the demo site.


On the My Circles menu, select Create a Circle.


Select Invite - a dialogue box will be presented with two codes.


Speak, text or otherwise communicate these two codes to your demo partner - or anyone that you would like to invite to your Circle.


To accept the invitation, your demo partner selects Accept Invite and inputs the two codes.


After confirmation, the AES 256 keys for your Circle are securely shared to your demo partner.


Now you can share files securely within the Circle, encrypted end-to-end with the AES 256 key.
A step-by-step guide with screenshots is available here:
Step-by-step guide

Want to see more?

There are more sophisticated features that we can show, including the console and code walkthrough.  If you are interested, please contact us for a demo.