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Key Capabilities

All Inclusive

Secure Identity

Credential-free Access
Frictionless MFA via Circle Access
QR code based onboarding and access
Download on Windows, MacOS, Linux
Download on IoS and Android
Supports web applications and device native applications
Credential-free access using Circle Access Mobile App
Credential-free access without the need for Circle Access Mobile App
Credential-free access without the need for Circle Access Mobile App
Out-of-band exchange of cryptographic keys
End User Self Management
Manage My Devices
Manage Multiple Profiles
Self provisioning and enrollment
Credential-free SSO Access
SSO Integrations
User and Device Management
Event Logs and Audit Trail
Remote Wipe
Continous Authentication
Biometric-driven continuous in-session identity assurance
Context-aware Step-Up Identity Verification
Circle-of-Trust Identity Verification
Risk policy-driven step-up verification

Secure Data

Digital Trust
Cryptographic signing of every user action, interaction, and transaction
Multi-party authorization and approvals
Immutable logging and audit trails
Circle-of-Trust Identity Verification
Data Protection
End-to-end data encryption
Secure data sharing between authorized devices
Encrypted data storage on client devices
Private keys bound to device
Data Visibility & Control
Visibility into enterprise data on endpoint user devices
Encryption of enterprise data on endpoint user devices with full control of the enterprise
Remote wipe of enteprise data on endpoint user devices by the enterprise at any time
Secure download of enterprise data on to authorized endpoint user devices
Digital tracking of downloaded enterprise data across all devices

Secure Privacy

Private Messaging & Collaboration
Decentralized communication with trusted and verified parties
No leakage of user activity, user data or user meta data. No visibility for Circle as well
Secure information sharing among trusted groups with the additional option of going anonymous
Immutable logging and audit trails
Personal Data Capsule
Encrypted personal data storage on device designed to secure PII
Keys bound to device
Zero Knowledge Identity Confirmation
Identity confirmation via cryptographic sharing of PII with third parties
Secure Information Exchange
Secure and consensual sharing of personal data with third parties
Data sharing with end-to-end encryption
Secure & Private Recovery of Personal Data
Fail-safe recovery of access to personal data via Circle-of-Trust
Device Management
Secure and encrypted replication of personal data across multiple owned devices
Personal Data Control
Ownership and control of personal data shared with third parties with full ability to revoke their access remotely



per user


per user


Secure Identity
Circle Access

Secure Data
Circle Verité
Circle Guard
Circle Vault

Secure Privacy
Circle Privé

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