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Cryptographic Credential-Free Authentication
The Circle Data APIs power Zero Trust Data Protection, Privacy & Control
Safeguard your data on endpoint devices and in Cloud
Put Your Enterprise in Charge of its Data While Respecting Your Employees' Privacy
With Circle, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data - or metadata - EVER
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Does Circle Access protect my company from MFA Bombing?
Yes. "MFA Bombing" is a new type of exploit that defeats traditional MFA that many organizations believe to be quite strong. This recent article in Ars Technica provides a good summary. Lapsus$ and SolarWinds hackers both use the same old trick to bypass MFA Not all MFA is created equal, as script kiddies and elite […]
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How Is Circle Access CCFA Different than Using an X.509 Certificate for Email?
The architecture and approach of Circle Access differs from a certificates in several significant ways. There are two common use cases for X.509 certificates: securing emails and; securing authentication for access to Web server. We will focus here on securing email. Securing Email 1. X.509 certificates tie identity to an email address whereas Circle ties […]
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What's the relationship between Circle Access Desktop and Circle Access Mobile?
Circle Access 360 integrates: Circle Access Mobile - your smartphone is your log-in Circle Access Desktop - your device is your log-in The technical details of this are beyond the scope of this article, but we will try to summarize briefly here. Circle Access Mobile (CAM) With CAM, your smartphone is you. It accomplishes this […]
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What does it mean when I get the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
This error is due to an issue with the Authentication likely on the server side. This issue can commonly be attributed to an improperly defined API key. To fix this, navigate to your config.php file in your site project files. And keep note of your API Keys. Next, Login to your Circle Console at […]
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