Cryptographic Credential-Free Authentication
The Circle Data APIs power Zero Trust Data Protection, Privacy & Control
Safeguard your data on endpoint devices and in Cloud
Put Your Enterprise in Charge of its Data While Respecting Your Employees' Privacy
With Circle, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data - or metadata - EVER

How Can Users Benefit from Circle Access?

There are many benefits that users can enjoy with Circle Access, including:

1. Knowing the device can be trusted

Circle replaces insecure passwords with private keys, created and stored in secure capsules that are bound to each device, and cryptographically validated during each login. Supports a single user across devices, browsers and contexts.

Optionally, leverage the built-in device biometrics to verify the identity of the user at the time of authentication.

2. Eliminate Credentials-based Attacks

Cryptographically bind authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized.

3. Enabling frictionless access across browsers and devices

by allowing them to switch browsers and devices without the need to re-authenticate, all without compromising security or privacy

4. Cryptographic Binding of Biometrics

Circle secure capsules can cryptographically store the user biometric data and provide immutable proof of the identity of the user in possession of the device independent of the operating system.

5. Enforcing and Proving Compliance

of device security posture and other metadata at the exact time of authentication for every user and every device requesting access.