Cryptographic Credential-Free Authentication
The Circle Data APIs power Zero Trust Data Protection, Privacy & Control
Safeguard your data on endpoint devices and in Cloud
Put Your Enterprise in Charge of its Data While Respecting Your Employees' Privacy
With Circle, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data - or metadata - EVER

What are the benefits of using Circle Access Desktop?

The benefits of using Circle Access Desktop include:

  1. Increased security: With Circle Access Desktop, you can easily and securely authenticate users without the need for passwords or other credentials. This makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your data, and helps keep your information secure.
  2. Improved convenience: Circle Access Desktop makes it easy for users to get access to the data and resources they need, without having to remember multiple passwords or carry around extra hardware.
  3. Easy deployment: There is no need for additional hardware or software when deploying Circle Access Desktop. End users can self-deploy by installing Circle Service and performing a self-authentication in less than a minute. This make it rapid and easy to roll out across your organization.
  4. Reduced Help Desk Tickets and IT Overhead. Users deploy themselves, and likewise can recover themselves.