Circle Secure Capsule

A Breakthrough for Data Security and Control 

Keep your user’s data private and secure on their device and in your control.
Or give your users unrivaled security, privacy and control of their data – on their devices, in transit and in the Cloud!
For credential-free authentication, we store secrets & policies in them.
Circle Capsules can contain anything – files, databases, unstructured data. Your imagination is the only limit!

Zero Trust Data Security: 

Keys Are Created and Bound to Endpoint Device
AES 256 encryption keys are always kept and securely bound to each authorized device and authenticated end users.

Keys cannot be copied, moved or used on other devices. Everything within a Secure capsule, including the users' data, is kept private and in control of the data owner at all times.

Zero Trust Authentication:

Cryptographic, Credential-free
Use Them for Authentication and Identity Verification.

Secure Capsules can be used to store and protect data controlled by your Web server:
Device / User History &
Risk Posture
Protect and Cryptographically Enforce Rules and Policies 
Secure Capsules can be used to store and protect:
Policies – executed by external application
Policies engine – executed internally with Circle
Policies logic / application
Keys / other cryptographic means for policies enforcement

The Scalability of the Cloud without the Data Security and Privacy Headaches

Structured and Unstructured Data of Any Amount and Duration
Large media files
Sensitive ePHI
and more!
Immutable Audit Trail
While keys are always kept on the device, data may be stored on the Cloud.
When needed, it can be streamed to customers like any cloud application.

So there's no limit to how much data you can keep secure or for how long!

Give Your Users the Privacy, Data Security and Control They Are Demanding

Teams Working with Sensitive Information
Secure collaboration for teams is a key concern for many businesses. Circle's Secure Capsules was designed with this in mind and allows for secure sharing of files, folders and even entire capsules between team members.

Liberate Your Company by Giving the End User Control of their Personal Data
The requirement of privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA put enormous burdens on company's that handle sensitive end user data.

By leveraging Circle Secure Capsules, enterprises can give end users the power to secure and control their personal data on endpoint devices.

Now you can ensure compliance with ZERO overhead for complex and costly steps to track and then remove user's personal data.

Your application - and company - can never be the source of breach because you never have data in an unencrypted state - except when it is consumed by the end user on their own devices.

Be amazed by the

No Compromise

promise of Circle.

See how Circle secures access and data.