Circle is a transformative security API

Built on next-gen patented unified architecture that secures identity, data, and privacy for third-party applications, APIs, and IoT devices with no compromise.
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Use our APIs Separately or Together

Circle Access
Frictionless, totally secure credential-free authentication that radically improve security AND User Experience
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Circle of Trust
When you need to be sure, escalate to Circle-of-Trust unspoofable human-in-the-loop Identity Verification
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Circle Guard
Game changing totally private and secure client side data encryption and storage
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Circle Vault
Circle Vault
Puts the enterprise in charge of its data While respecting its employees' privacy
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Circle Verité
Ensure digital trust for user journeys, actions, interactions and transactions using cryptographic authentication, multi-party authorization, and immutable DLT
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Circle Privé
Give your users the privacy they deserve and are demanding, with invisible, private E2EE Circles controlled by the data owner
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Rest API

You’ll be up and running in minutes
var callback = function(error, data, response) {
  if (error) {
  } else {
    console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data);
api.processInvite(body, authorization, xCircleAppkey, callback);
No code and low code
Over 15 languages supported
Effortless to maintain

2 Frictionless, Credential-free UX Options

Circle Service

Circle Access Desktop
A thin agent on your endpoint device.
Install 1x & forget
Your device is your auto log-in
Sync multiple devices
Securely authenticate transactions and communications
Maintain identity privacy with client-side secure, private storage
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Circle Access

Circle Access Mobile
A secure mobile authentication app like no other.
Your Phone is your universal log-in
No install required on your devices
Continuous authentication
Biometric identify verification
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SDK + Libraries

For total control and flexibilty, embed Circle into your applications.   Integrate our technology into your app or website via our SDKs or API using Node, PHP, Go, Python, C# or Java languages.
EnumCirclesReply reply = _circle.EnumCircles(request);
  foreach (var circle in reply.CircleMeta)
    Console.WriteLine($"{circle.CircleId} - {circle.CircleName}" );
Lightweight libraries
Continuous authentication
Fully integrated with your applications


Modules for Auth0, ForgeRock, Wordpress, Passport, WikiJS are available and many more to come.
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Rapid turn-key implementations
Fully integrated with partner platforms
Low code or no code configuration

Delight Your Users and Customers

Easy to Deploy

Deploys in minutes, allows users to self provision and enroll devices, and requires little maintenance.
Users Install
Circle Access
Give Your Users the Privacy the Deserve and are Demanding, with Invisible, Private E2EE Circles controlled by the Data Owner
Users Install
Circle Service
Lightweight ultra-thin client. Browser plug-in UX. Install 1x and forget
No more passwords or credentials! Your device is your log-in, with user identity cryptographically bound to it

Easy to Use

No more unnecessary login friction!
Eliminate tedious two-step authentication processes.
No need for users to choose lengthy passwords or change them every 90 days.