How Circle secures identity

Circle's distributed and device-based patented key management extends identity protection to an unprecedented level - leveraging the device TPM and biometrics but going beyond what they can deliver alone.

Cryptographically bind user and device for Credential-free Authentication

Circle's frictionless, cryptographic credential free authentication with biometric verification cryptographically binds users to devices, ensuring complete control over who and what devices can access your SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure.
Identity Verification

Step up to your policy-driven Zero Trust for fool-proof Identity Verification

Governed by your policies engine, Circle-of-Trust provide a seamless option to step up to our unspoofable human-in-the-loop identity verification that can be cryptographically fused to authorization of high risk access, actions, or transactions.
Identity Authentication

How Circle secures data

Circle's encrypted device-bound Secure Capsules and out-of-band key exchange power a breakthrough way for data owners to build mathematically-verifiable trust in their data, securely exchange information, and maintain absolute visibility and control into their data on endpoint devices - whether that be the Enterprise, application developers or the end users. With encryption keys created and encryption performed on endpoint devices, Circle protects data without the need for VPNs or firewalls, and is even secure on BYOD.

Establish Digital Trust in User Journeys

Establish digital trust for user journeys, actions, interactions and transactions using cryptographic authentication, multi-party authorization, and complete immutability

Ensure End-to-End Data Protection

Deliver secure data sharing, communication and collaboration while protecting user generated data using E2EE

Ensure End-to-End Data Protection

Deliver secure data sharing, communication and collaboration while protecting user generated data using E2EE

How Circle secures privacy

Circle's device-bound secure capsules enables end users to securely store their private data in encrypted blobs and share that data privately using Circle's patented method of peer-to-peer authentication with trusted parties without ever being made visible to any unauthorized devices or users.

Assure End-User Privacy

Allow users to cryptographically store their personal data in Circle's secure capsules on user-controlled devices and share that (without actually sharing the underlying data) as encrypted hashes using zero knowledge cryptography.
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