With Circle, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data – or metadata – EVER.

More strict regulations and governing bodies require general or industry-specific data privacy, with fines and legal liability for failure often reaching tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.
Circle’s privacy-by-right architecture enables application developers and organizations to maintain privacy and compliance, meeting all the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, PSD2, and more. ePHI, PII, and any sensitive data can be kept in the control of end users while making it available to applications via private, secure capsules.
Keep control of your personal data
Secure your data via private and encrypted Secure Capsules on your endpoint devices.

Store any format and size of data on your device. It is fully encrypted by AES 256 keys.

Maintain complete control of your data all the time with ZERO exposure to any potential breach of your data in the cloud.
Securely communicate only with known and trusted parties
You invite and verify the identity of other parties before establishing a communication channel with them via Circle’s patented P2P authentication process that creates and secures assurance of a unique AES 256 key.

This method of authentication has no central authority or cloud-based credentials. All your communications are private; no user activity or metadata is visible to third parties.

All authorized users and devices are trusted collaborators and form a secure P2P network.

Have your identity verified without
actually sharing your private data
Using zero-knowledge cryptography only share encrypted data over secure channels. Let them verify your identity by decrypting your data on their end—no intermediaries or agents need to know your private information. Avoid identity theft.
Recover your access to private data
easily and in a trusted way
Ironclad security usually has a dark side. If the credentials, passphrase, and hardware token are lost, access to critical and valuable digital assets and data can be lost forever.

Circle-of-Trust enables users to set up private networks of trusted persons they know who can authorize and restore access to encryption keys but never use them directly.

With Circle, users can have Peace of Mind knowing that access to their digital is entirely secure but always recoverable.
Safely comply with global privacy regulations
With Circle, you can put the data owner — your user — in control. Data can only be shared with other parties — or your web servers — through the owner's direct peer-to-peer, human-in-the-loop authorization. 

Your application and company can never be the source of a breach because you never have data in an unprecedented state except when consumed by the end-user on their own devices. 
Cloud flexibility and compliance — but no keys.
Data in Secure Capsules are also backed up in encrypted data blobs on the cloud, for which only the device has the keys. So there is no limit to the amount of data that you can store securely or for how long that can be accessed by your application whenever needed.