What is a Secure Digital Capsule?


A Circle is a secure virtual private network between a group of devices that is set up by a Circle Owner - through our hybrid P2P authentication process. Within each Circle, there are Secure Capsules (called “Topic” in API methods) that can contain anything you wish.

On the Endpoint Device

Our breakthrough hybrid P2P + Cloud architecture powers a new level of privacy, security and access control for developers

On the Endpoint Device

In the Cloud

Circle Service

Lightweight Thin Client - install & forget

  • AES 256 Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Invite + Authentication
  • Circle Secure Capsules

Keys Bound to the Device

  • Bound to device keychain / Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Circle Secure Capsules

AES 256 encrypted containers for anything - files, databases, structure & unstructured data

A Circle can contain any number of Open or Locked capsules


accessible with the master capsule key


separately encrypted with unique key

Circle Web Services

Hybrid P2P

  • Data Transport Service Bus
  • Messaging
  • Data back-up and restore
  • Licensing

Circle Server has copies of each private secure capsule – as data blobs. But it has no keys and zero ability to open them or even know what they are or who they belong to (other than knowing which customer has the license to use them).

Encrypted Private Peer Network

Bound to Device TPM

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Keys are encrypted and can only be used on the device they were authorized

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Everything inside of a Circle and its secure capsules – including the data of the users – is private and encrypted at all times

Bound to Device TPM

Encrypted on the Cloud NO KEYS

Circle Secure Capsules can contain anything

In the use case of credential free authentication, you can store secrets & hashes, certificates – anything helpful to identity verification + authentication


  • Tokens
  • Secrets
  • Hashes
  • Certificates
  • Device / User History &Activity
  • Risk Posture

You can also store policies, or even a policies engine and logic that is impervious to external attacks or interference


  • Policies - executed by external application
  • Policies engine – executed internally with Circle
  • Policies logic / application
  • Keys / other cryptographic means for policies enforcement

Databases, large media files, sensitive ePHI, unstructured data files – you name it!

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Even better, the data itself can be kept in the Cloud – and given the user when called like any cloud app

Keys on Devices

While the keys always remain on the device

Implementation and use case examples

Circle Secure Capsules are incredibly flexible and powerful.  We have only scratched the surface of what can be done with them.  These are some of the low hanging fruit use cases that we know of and have implemented ourselves in various ways as we developed the platform.   We look forward to learning more as we work with our developer community.

Cryptographic Credential Free Authentication

Circle Access Desktop uses Secure Capsules to store secrets, tokens, or at the highest level, encryption keys for digital signatures. If Circle Access Desktop and Circle Access Mobile are both installed, then they use Secure Capsules and creates a secure connection between the Circle Access Mobile application and Secure Capsules that are installed and managed by Circle Service on devices the user has authorized.

Use Cases:

Unspoofable Human-in-the-Loop Identity Verification

Circle-of-Trust uses Secure Capsules - together with other unique properties of Circles and its patented P2P authentication method - to enable ultra-secure human-in-the-loop identity verification. At the highest levels, this is performed entirely within AES 256 encrypted Circles, with direct out-of-band identity verification between human users - that is cryptographically fused to authentication.

Use Cases:

Distributed, Private and Secure Data Storage and Communications 

Circle End-to-End Data Protection and Circle Enterprise Data Visibility & Control both use the properties of Secure Capsules that enable the storage, use and control of data on the client side (endpoint device) by the data owner - which is, in this case: the application / Web server itself. Secure Capsules are also the repositories for data that is exchanged between users in secure communications within Circles.

Use Cases:

Secure Transactions and Digital Trust for User Journeys

Circle Access Digital Trust for User Journey uses the data security and control properties of secure capsules, along with the immutable DLT that is built-in to them, to ensure digital trust for user journeys, actions, interactions and transactions. These are combined into Circle Access to support multi-party authorization workflows.

Use Cases:

End User Data Security and Privacy

Circle Data Privacy and Compliance uses Secure Capsules - together with other unique properties of Circles and its patented P2P authentication method - to enable developer to give end users privacy and control of their data and communications.

Use Cases: