Sets the sync status for a Circle to Foreground, enabling faster file sync and minimal delay in real-time message delivery.


The Circle you wish to apply this to.


Whether it was successful or not.

Protobuf definition:

rpc Foreground (ForegroundRequest) returns (ForegroundReply);

message ForegroundRequest {

  string CircleId = 1;


message ForegroundReply {

  ReturnStatus Status = 1;


C# Structures

public class ForegroundRequest


  public string CircleId;


public class ForegroundReply


  public ReturnStatus Status;


C# Example code:

public void SetForegroundSync(string circleId)


   ForegroundRequest request = new ForegroundRequest() {CircleId = circleId};

   ForegroundReply reply = _circle.Foreground(request);