Adds a member to a topic. Unlike the case with Circles, you add a Member to a Topic directly (no Invite-and-Accept is required).


IDs of the Topic, the containing Circle, and the Member to add.


ReturnStatus only.


API Definition

public async Task<AddMemberToTopicReply> AddMemberToTopic(AddMemberToTopicRequest request)

C# Structures

public class AddMemberToTopicRequest {

  public string CircleId;

  public string TopicId;

  public string MemberId;


public class AddMemberToTopicReply 


  public ReturnStatus Status;


C# Example code:

public void AddMemberToTopic(string circleId, string topicId, string profileId)


  AddMemberToTopicRequest request = new AddMemberToTopicRequest()

    { CircleId = circleId, TopicId = topicId, MemberId = profileId };

  AddMemberToTopicReply reply = _circle.AddMemberToTopic(request);