Removes a pending invitation to a Circle. If the Invite has been accepted, use RevokeDevice() instead.


The Invite ID to be revoked and the ID of the Circle that the Invite is for. 


Nothing besides the ReturnStatus.

API Definition

public async Task<RevokeInviteReply> RevokeInvite(RevokeInviteRequest request)

C# Structures

    public class RevokeInviteRequest


  public string CircleId;

  public string InviteId;


   public class RevokeInviteReply


  public ReturnStatus Status;


C# Example code:

public void RevoteInvite(string circleId, string invite)


  RevokeInviteRequest request = new RevokeInviteRequest() { CircleId = circleId, InviteId = invite };

  RevokeInviteReply reply = _circle.RevokeInvite(request);