Creates a Circle. Initially the current device is the only member of the new Circle.


Metadata for the Circle and the ID and security token for the Circle customer. (“Circle customer” in this case means the organization that is using this API call in its app. In other words, it ensures that the Circle is being created under the auspices of your company.) 


The ID of the new Circle, which can be used to invite other Members. 

API Definition

public async Task<CreateCircleReply> CreateCircle(CreateCircleRequest request)


C# Structures :

public class CreateCircleRequest


  public string CircleName;

  public string CircleDescription;

  public string CustomerId;

  public string CircleToken;


public class CreateCircleReply 


  public ReturnStatus Status;

  public string CircleID;


C# Example code:

public void CreateCircle(string circleName)


   CreateCircleRequest request = new CreateCircleRequest()

   { CircleName = circleName, CircleDescription = "this is a circle desc", CustomerId = "CUSTID", CustomerToken = "TOKEN"};

   CreateCircleReply reply = _circle.CreateCircle(request);