Enumerates (lists) Circles to which the current device belongs. The Circle engine does discovery in a background thread; as a result, this list is “best effort,” especially right after startup. Can return a subset of Circles while it’s still in discovery.


The method enumerates Circles that include the device on which the Circle engine is running.


A CircleInfo object for every Circle that the device belongs to.

API Definition

public async Task<EnumCirclesReply> EnumCircles(EnumCirclesRequest request)

C# Structures

public class EnumCirclesRequest


  public string CustomerId;


public class EnumCirclesReply


  public ReturnStatus Status;

  public List<CircleInfo> CircleMeta;


C# Example code

public void EnumCircles()


  EnumCirclesRequest request = new EnumCirclesRequest() { };

  EnumCirclesReply reply = _circle.EnumCircles(request);


  foreach (var circle in reply.CircleMeta)


    Console.WriteLine($"{circle.CircleId} - {circle.CircleName}" );