Enumerates all the files in a topic.


IDs of the Topic and its containing Circle.


A list of file objects containing the file’s ID, the ID of its owning Member, and file metadata.

API Definition

public async Task<EnumFilesReply> EnumFiles(EnumFilesRequest request)


C# Structures

public class EnumFilesRequest {

  public string CircleId;

  public string TopicId;


public class EnumFilesReply 


  public ReturnStatus Status;

  public List<FileInfo> Files;


C# Example code:

public void EnumFiles(string circleId, string topicId)


  EnumFilesRequest request = new EnumFilesRequest() { CircleId = circleId, TopicId = topicId};

  EnumFilesReply reply = _circle.EnumFiles(request);


  foreach (FileInfo file in reply.Files)


    Console.WriteLine($"{file.FmapID} - {file.FileName} - {file.FileSize}");