What can you do with Circle?

We are still exploring

Circle is a revolutionary data security and credential-free authentication API - that powers third-party applications, APIs, and IoT devices to securely collaborate and share data across networks, systems, and BYODs without compromising identity, privacy, or user experience. Circle allows developers to easily integrate unrivaled security, identity authentication and privacy protection capabilities into their applications as a single unified API, which is industry-first.

We ourselves are learning more each day about new things that can be done with Circle's remarkable architecture.   These are the areas of functionality that are available for developers to develop and implement with Circle API today.  Over the next months and years, we will continue to expand both its capabilities and ease of use as we work with you.

Credential-free authentication

Cryptographic Credential-free Authentication

Passwordless authentication is all the rage, but most solutions just hide the passwords - and the problem. With Circle, you can eliminate credentials entirely and replace them with encrypted digital signatures that are uniquely bound to each device, providing ZERO attack surface in the cloud and close to zero on the device.

Distributed P2P Multi-factor Authentication

Part of the overall Circle architecture, but also available as a standalone method of authentication - with no central authority or cloud-based credentials whatsoever. Executed in real time, directly between devices, it is completely out-of-band and unspoofable.

Distributed MFA


Circle-of-Trust™ is a breakthrough unspoofable method of Human-in-the-loop™ identify verification + authentication that is cryptographically fused to device authorization and the enforcement of policies and permissions. Use it for the contexts, use cases and users where nothing less than absolute certainty will do.

Data Security and Control

Data Security and Control

Circle creates and manages totally private and secure client-side storage in AES 256 Encrypted Secure Digital Capsules. In them, you can store private user data - or ANY data - securely on the user’s device. Capsules are backed up in data blobs on the cloud for which only YOU have the keys. This enables powerful backup, wipe and restore capabilities. The possibilities are endless.



Circles are private, hybrid P2P networks of devices and collaborators, that are invisible to anyone outside of them.  They are protected with AES 256 encryption, and only the Circle members have the keys.  NO user identity or activity information or metadata are exposed.   Any and all privacy and anonymity use cases apply.

Data Security and Control

Data Integrity, Governance and Provenance

Circle has proprietary internal distributed ledger technology that can be leveraged to ensure data integrity, governance and provenance for enterprise and regulatory compliance.   So, with Circle you can build functionality and applications that are BOTH private and secure AND compliant and trusted.

So, how do you use all this capability?

What you do with Circle is up to you!   In some cases, you might want to leverage just a few methods, to solve specific problems for a specific functionality within an application.   Frequently, we hope you will want to use the Circle API to "shift left" and build data security, privacy, identity and authentication protection into your app from the ground up.  Or you might want to build a whole application leveraging many different components of Circle.

Whatever your need - or grand vision - we are here to help you!   Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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